• Cannabis is a medicine and is not for everyone. Like with any medicine, proper precaution must be taken.
  • Never allow non-patients, especially young people, to have access to your medicine for any reason. Medicine should be locked away in a safe place away from common areas if not being directly supervised by the patient or caregiver. It is unacceptable to leave medicine unattended and susceptible to misuse.
  • Never use your medicine if you are planning on driving or are in a situation where your impairment could cause harm to another person or property. Always be aware of your surrounding and ensure proper dosage before performing activities requiring a high level of concentration.
  • Learn to titrate and regulate your dosage appropriately. Many patients have found better medicinal effects by using less medicine. Begin by taking in just a small amount of medicine and give it time to take effect (15-30 minutes depending on method of ingestion). Then making a calculated assessment on whether you need to increase your dosage based on how well your symptoms are managed.
  • Medical cannabis should be a positive in your life. Always strive to have a productive and responsible experience.
  • Do not let cannabis interfere with your daily activities or your responsibilities at home, work, or in the community.
  • Be educated about medical cannabis and what it means for your condition. It is important to be an informed and active part of your own healing experience.
  • Be a positive cannabis role model and use your knowledge and experience to counsel and educate less informed users.
  • Never ever divert medicine obtained for your personal medical use to other non- patients. Any diversion of medical cannabis products is illegal.
  • Always be cautious and never obtain medicine from or provide medicine to people you do not know to be qualified patients under any circumstance.
  • The freedom to use medical cannabis hinges on patients and providers ability to maintain and ethical and compassionate environment. Never let your activity as a patient or producer of medicine hinder the progress of the entire movement.
  • Do not abuse the privilege of medical cannabis. Be respectful of the norms and laws of the community you live in. Realize there are still many in the community that lack understanding of medical cannabis. Use discretion in the way that you interact with the community and never let your involvement with medical cannabis or Uplifting Health and Wellness result in people being concerned or upset. Take a low-key approach and never let your use of medical cannabis be a distraction.