DR. UMA is here to Educate, Embrace, and Empower!


What is the Endocannabinoid system and how does it work?
what is THC?
What is CBD?
are humans able to create Cannabinoids
What is a terpene?
What is the history of industrial hemp in agroculture
How is food connected to health
What is the history of Medicinal Cannabis ,
across the globe?
in our Country?
in our recent times?
What was the premise behind the movement toward prohibition of Cannabis?
how has it helped us?
How has it Hurt us?
What does Cannabis mean for the pharmaceutical industry?


What does it mean to Dr. Uma to embrace her patients.
What are the community assets she has identified and is able to direct her patients to.
Does embracing mean providing information in at difficult, stressful, anxiety ridden time of her patients life,
what else does it mean?
Are Dr. Uma’s patients better equipped to live better, after spending time with her as their physician?
What are some anecdotal instances that demonstrate this?


What does being “empowered” look like?
What role does having access to relevant information play in empowerment?
What are some factors,most folks have control over in terms of maintaing proper health levels? What are some habits of empowered individuals?